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About Us

Adelaide Insurance Builders (AIB) provides services to the Housing Insurance sector. Following an initial assessment, we carry out repair works to reinstate insurable claims to a pre-loss condition under the instructions of major insurance companies in accordance with assessing companies and loss adjusters.


Our focus is on providing top level service to the Adelaide region to ensure claims are handled efficiently and promptly. All of our contractors are licensed and insured to guarantee confidence to our customers and clients that the best service and workmanship will be performed.


AIB can attend to customers’ requirements by providing "do and charge", estimates, quotes and reports. Our services extend to business hours make safes and after hours Emergency services.


At AIB we handle a range of services from small "patch and paint" claims up to and including major works, such as fire damage.


We have considerable experience working in the insurance building repair industry, where thousands of claims have been inspected, scoped, quoted and followed through to completion.


Some of our categories include:

  • Flood
  • Malicious damage
  • Fires
  • Storm
  • Impact
  • Burglary
  • Water ingress